Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Items Every Ministry Website Must Have by EMinister Blog

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1) Prayer Request. People are hurting and we all experience rough periods in our lives. Providing an avenue for web visitors to talk about their issues and solicit help is an excellent way to Minister Online. Providing an avenue for visitors to share and ask for prayer is the first step. Your eMinistry Strategy should also include follow-up on the prayer request and long term discipleship.

2) Audio/Video Sermons. The Bible says, 'How can they hear without a preacher'. Audio Sermons are the easiest and quickest method to get your Sermons out to the masses. Posting them on your Ministry website will allow members to hear sermons that they missed and again allow visitors to hear your messages to determine if the Word speaks to their spirit. This is one method of attracting cyber visitors to visit and/or contribute to your Ministry. On-Demand sermons are vitale to the growth of every Ministry.

3) Podcasting. In this age it all about being Mobile. People are always on the go and love to take music and video with them. Having access an Audio or Video Sermons any time on an IPOD or MP3 Player will allow your messages to be available 24/7, anytime or anywhere by anyone.

4) Blog. Everyone wants to hear what the Pastor or Ministry Leader is thinking, planning, or hearing from the Lord. Blogging allows Leaders to just 'talk' to the congregation in an informal environment. I personally would to hear what's on the heart of my Bishop and his wife. Blogging allows their thoughts to freely flow and assist in developing a 'kindred' spirit with the congregation.

5) Social Community. Ministry is about Relationships. Building strong relationships within the congregation empowers the church and brings a sense of unity. Incorporating an application that allows Church members and potential members to stay connected throughout the week beyond a Sunday morning or Mid-Week experience is an excellent way to retain members and grow the Ministry. This also includes Discussion Boards that allows members to share and discuss issues and share their views on various topics.

6) Event Calendar. Everyone wants to know what is going on and what future events will be hosted by your Ministry. Providing this information helps to inform existing members and allows future visitors to see if there are activities that match their Ministry needs. The key element to the Events Calendar is not to just have one, but KEEP IT UP TO DATE!!

7) Some type of Flash element. We live in a Visual Age. Let's be honest, a dynamic, visually appealing website is a little more exciting than a static website.

8) Online Tithing!!
This is a must. Having an avenue where church members and website visitors can make contributions to your Ministry is a MUST HAVE. To really make online Tithing useful, it should include functionality to allow users to schedule payments and configure 'Recurring' payments.

9) Online Store.
A vital part of any Ministry is Product. The ability to market and sell your Ministry products online is a key element to expanding the breathe and width of your outreach. Products are a great way to allow the word that God has given you to be distributed locally, nationally, and globally.

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