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Kingdom Watch! - PreachingWoman.com

Kingdom Watch! - PreachingWoman.com
Kingdom Watch! (TM) is a section which we highlight and celebrate a very special woman whom we think you should "watch out" for! So, please take a moment and read about this month’s "Kingdom Watch! (TM)" Woman.

Called To Be a Kingdom Connector

By Genikwa Williams

Detroit inspired a lot of dreamers besides Berry Gordy, founder of Motown. Also born and raised in the Motor City during the 1960s, Pam Perry—one of the nation’s foremost public relations and marketing professionals—learned at a very young age about the necessity and power of networking in fulfilling a dream.

An only child, Pam quickly sought out other neighborhood children as playmates. Her relationship with the kids next door connected Pam with their father, the Rev. Dr. Joseph R. Jordan. Pastor of Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church in the Detroit suburb of Hamtramck, Rev. Jordan’s godly and fatherly influence would help shape the course of Pam’s life. He and his family took Pam to church with them every Sunday.

“You can say I kinda grew up a vicarious ‘P.K.’ (pastor’s kid),” Pam joked. “I had first-hand knowledge of how ministries worked because I was there so often.”

At the church, Pam clearly demonstrated a knack for spreading good news.

“My gift was not in ushering, singing, or teaching. I had a real heart to just promote and tell everyone about special events at the church,” she said. Rev. Jordan, she recalls, even told her that she was “doing PR for Jesus.”

That distinction stuck and today, the name “Pam Perry” is practically synonymous with publicity in the Christian community.

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