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Purpose by Adriana Zamot for MMS Monday Magazine Motivational Feature

A few months back there was a poll on IWM asking the question, "Are you living your life’s purpose?" This is a question that I asked because it has been one of great struggle for many people I have talked to. It was great to see that there were a few that were living their purposed filled lives. However, for those that struggle to understand or are still trying to figure it out, here are a couple of truths to be reminded of.

The first is that God has a task for each of us to accomplish. Can you believe this? I mean does this register with you? In Ephesians 2, Paul tells us, "For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them" (verse 10 NKJV). Believe it! God has something for you to do.
The next thing we should know is that there is a purpose for that task and God is directing our lives towards that purpose. In Ruth 2 we read about when Ruth went to glean and "just so happened" to end up in the field owned by Boaz who "just so happened" to be a relative. This was not just a serendipitous moment. It was God orchestrating Ruth’s steps.

You will find another great example in the book of Esther. We see God’s sovereignty throughout her story. God had a purpose and it was going to be fulfilled. But we also see in both these examples of Ruth and Esther that they there were open and willing to follow His leading.

In my own life I see how he has orchestrated incredible moments. What about you? Think back to those moments he has given you a "just so happened" moment.

We all go through difficult situations and moments. Some situations seem to last a very long, long time. But this is when we must be reminded of Job. Suffering does not destroy your life’s purpose. In Job 3:26, Job says that he had no peace, no quietness, no rest, only turmoil. He must have thought, "What purpose do I have here?" He honored God, yet it didn’t seem like anything was right about his life. However, Job did not quit. He pressed on. At the end we read one of my favorite verses in Job 42:1-2 where it says, "I know you can do all things; no plan of yours can be thwarted." So, press on, God’s plan will prevail.

I will admit we get restless; I get restless. I have gotten so restless and said, "Lord, I am not happy here. Get me out…this is not what I’m suppose to be doing." I have felt at times I wanted to crawl out of my skin and move to the place I felt I was supposed to be at (not that I knew where that was). But, I’ve had to understand that God has me right where I need to be.

God will guide you through your journey just as he guided the Israelites. Numbers 15:23 shows us how a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night guided and protected the Israelites as they traveled across the desert. At the Lord’s command they encamped and at the Lord’s command they set out. So wherever we are in our journey, we need to ask God, "What do you want me to do while I’m right here?" Discover your purpose where you are right now.

The next thing we need to be reminded of us to concentrate on finding the special purpose God has for you instead of wishing you were in someone else’s shoes. Don’t evaluate your life’s purpose to that of someone else’s. For instances, there are times I’d like to be
Oprah…..okay laugh. But honestly, I like the ability and influence she has to change things in a grand scale. But guess what, I’m not Oprah and God has me right here changing things in my own circle of influence.
In Numbers 16:8-10, we see Moses calling the Levites on their true motive. The Levites had been separated to oversee the operation of the tabernacle—to minister to the Israelite community. But now they wanted to get the power of the priesthood too. Korah desired the abilities God had given others and it resulted in him losing everything. God has something just for you. You have your very own life’s purpose.
Lastly, we have the greatest example of purpose as fulfilled through the life of Jesus. His purpose as we read in John 6:37 -38 was to follow the will of the Father. That was His purpose. It was not about him, Jesus. It was all about the Father and His love for all of us. Jesus fulfilled his purpose!

My sister, the Father has a purpose for you too. He sees what you can become. Find your purpose…be passionate about your purpose…and move towards your purpose.

Adriana Zamot is editor and publisher of Inspired Women Magazine. IWM began as a two page newsletter when she wanted to share with a few friends some of the highlights of Christian conferences that she had attended. She enjoys writing and sharing of the Lord’s goodness and mercy. Her hope is that IWM will inspire, motivate, and encourage other women towards their divine excellence. Most people refer to her as "AZ." She has a Master Degree in Human Resources Administration and Development. She attends Calvary Christian Center in Ormond Beach, Florida. Visit her website at

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