Saturday, July 14, 2007

Greater Christ Baptist Church’s Young Adult Spiritual Life Conference

Helping to Lead a New Generation into the Promised Land

Detroit—Young adults who attend Greater Christ Baptist Church’s 2007 Spiritual Life Conference July 25-29 will know without a doubt that they’re unstoppable.

“Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now: Leading a New Generation into the Promised Land” will feature five full days of powerful, life-changing information delivered by extraordinary spiritual leaders from across the country.

Featured speakers will include Rev. Dr. Donte’ L. Hickman Sr., of Southern Baptist Church in Baltimore, MD; Rev. Solomon Kinloch, Jr. of Triumph Baptist Church in Detroit, MI; and Rev. Jasmin “Jazz” Sculark, of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in York, PA. Sermon, workshop, and panel discussion topics will include dating, marriage, financial stability, stress management, healthy eating, and discovering your purpose.

Reverend Dr. James C. Perkins, pastor of Greater Christ, is excited about the positive future he expects this conference to help create within the targeted 18- to 45-year-olds.

“It’s important that young adults are adequately prepared to continue the Church for generations to come,” Perkins said. “This begins by making sure they themselves are in the right place spiritually, financially, and physically. So this conference will gather like-minded individuals who are serious about making a significant and unceasing difference in this world. Best of all, they’ll receive instruction from young speakers who they can relate to.”

Rev. Donté L. Hickman, Sr. is a remarkable example of what faith in God can do. The pastor of Southern Baptist Church in Baltimore, MD was raised in a single parent home in Edmondson Village under tremendous peer pressure. It seemed as if he would become another statistic. He was expelled from three High Schools living a life that was destined for failure. Nevertheless, with the help of God, the church, his faithful mother and an inner determination he turned his life around.

Rev. Solomon Kinloch, Jr. has been preaching the gospel since the age of 14. Now in his mid 30’s, he has pastored Triumph Baptist Church in Detroit, MI for nine years. During that time, the church has grown from fewer than 100 to about 4,000 members now meeting in three locations.

Rev. Jasmin “Jazz” Sculark pastors the historical more than 100-year-old Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in York, PA. She is the first female called to pastor a Baptist Church in York , PA. She is also founder and president of the Daughter of Thunder Ministry that assists the local church in providing holistic, life changing ministries to youths, singles, young adults and women.

Conference registration is $75. Greater Christ Baptist Church is located at 3544 Iroquois, Detroit. For more information, call (313) 924-6900 or see the church website at

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