Thursday, August 03, 2006



In the church is the buzzword, "prosperity." We hear about it, we talk about it and we name and claim it. It is all a faith walk - mirrored by our talk.
Yet, in the industry of ministry, those who are in business providing goods and services to those in the church community - there is a gap. A big gap.
It seems that only those in ministry are allowed to prosper and those that they do business with are asked to "sow."
From personal experience, I have seen ministers, preachers and Christian business people, continue to ask for reduced prices and services for FREE. They have said in so many words that if you provide "favor" to me then God would bless my business.
As a Christian in business and wanting to be a blessing, time and time again we have given way a lot. We have sowed a lot. We have changed rules to fit client situations. We have done this for years…and now I ask, "isn't it time for favor to come to us?" The favor is when we quote a fair price and the bill is paid - on time.
I know that the Word of God says, "give unto your servants that which is just and equal, knowing that ye also have a Master in heaven. (Colossians 4:1)." In other words, don't take advantage of those who are doing work for you - just because you're in "full time ministry." Truthfully, we're all in full-time ministry. And money is needed to run every ministry.
Is today's Christian becoming so carnal that all they care about is material gain - at the expense of someone else? If a person works hard, provides good service, is genuinely concerned about your mission/vision and welfare, shouldn't you reward them handsomely? Even worldly businesses do that.
Why is it that ministries seem to think it is OK to pay "secular" business - helping them achieve wealth - but when it comes to paying those who are dedicated to servicing ministry, there is a mindset that says, "pay less" or "pay later."
If we truly want to propagate prosperity among God's people - we must learn the Golden Rule. Bottom line: Treat (pay) others the way you want to treated (paid). We would see prosperity multiplied through out the Kingdom when this mentality becomes a revelation.


Kirk Nugent said...

I applaud your courage for shouting the Truth which most people of the church are afraid to whisper.

Kirk Nugent
'The People's Poet'

Makasha Dorsey said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I am a published author and motivational speaker. I have had churches in other states ask if I would come to speak to their ministries for free - no gas money, not hotel, no nothing. I will speak for free on occassion but I know many pastor's that wont book your date until they have an honorarium deposit.

I wish your business much success.


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