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It’s 4:35am on a Monday morning and I just can’t wait to start my day. Wait a minute? Why am I so motivated on a day that most people dread going to work?

We all have these “spurts” of boundless energy when we feel unstoppable.  Then in a few days we are back to a “woes me attitude. ” Something happened that caused the shift in attitude. Your experiences of low and high energy days were triggered by an event that occurred within the past 72 hours.

How you are feeling right now is the result of a mental seed that was planted at some point in the past.  What would happen if you were more deliberate with the thought seeds that enter your mind?

The first step is to begin carefully monitoring your feelings. Take note of what actions and thoughts give and take away your energy.

True confession. I really don’t enjoy the writing process. The key question is – what happened over the past 24 hours that’s giving me all this energy to write?

Glad you asked, here’s my answer ….

Last night,  I hosted a no-cost conference call on how to manage a successful event. God bless Ava Williams for allowing me to issue her  a “call to greatness.” You have to hear the recording to see how I was able to wake her up from a slumber of limiting beliefs.

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In 60 minutes, I was able to touch the lives of 112 people that were on the call. Wow! They got me inspired! In addition, after the call I made $1,000 in product sales.

Can you say ….. “Nice!?!”
Hmmmm … Let’s see now … A 60-minute call on a Sunday night inspires others, generates $1,000 and has me pumped up the next day.

Ahhh …. I think I may want to do more of that.

The key to staying motivated is to keep doing what truly works for you.
Let me say that a different way.

Listen carefully to your life to uncover the people, situations and actions that raise your energy.
Once you know, the next step is to do!