Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Book Publishing Facts Today

If you are an author who is about to publish your work, there are several types of publishing options that you can submit your manuscript to.

But, know this. Publishing is not the hard part. Marketing the book so it sells is.

“The reality in the world of publishing is that without marketing, a book simply cannot be successful. And even if you have the biggest publishers on the planet behind you, it is unlikely that they will run your entire marketing campaign for you. You will still be required to do the majority of the work.” - Stephanie Chandler 

You can write all day and all night but if you don't have audience for your book - it won't sell. Bottom line.

So let me give you the quick run down on publishing a book once you have written it.

1. It's not a big deal to have a book printed. Kinkos prints book. Any printer can print your book. I wouldn't suggest it...but the point I'm making is: There is a difference between having a book PRINTED and having one PUBLISHED. Published takes time, industry knowledge, strategic marketing and having a platform for the book. Printed is just converting your work from a word document into a book by using a
book design program and finding a printer who can print short-run books.

There are over a 1/2 million new books/ebooks every year competing for readers attention. You have to make your book stand out. You need a brand.

2. You have to be professional. A book is a business. Yes, it requires a business plan, a budget, a marketing plan, research - the whole nine.  And you have to HIRE professionals. Professional editors, professional web designers, professional book layout designers, professional book cover designers, professional marketing consultants.You get the idea.

If your book cover is whack or your website is whack - your book will have a very, very hard time selling, if at all.

3.  You don't need an agent (yet) and you don't have to worry about copyrighting.  Agents work on commission of sales. So, if you don't have a built-in audience to buy your book, agents generally are not interested in helping you do that. They are interested in making money - not making you a celebrity.  And copyrights. Listen, in my 20 years doing this business, I have yet to see an author's book "stolen." No is looking to rip off an entire book.

Besides, the moment you create a written work, it is automatically copyrighted under Common Law. Once your book is published, if you wish, you may send two copies to the Copyright Office along with Form TX and a fee to register or perfect your copyright.

4.  Don't write alone. Come out of your writing cave. Build your audience for the book WHILE you're writing the book. Use your blog and social media to build excitement and anticipation (and an email list) for the book launch.  Don't wait until two weeks before the book is out and start telling everyone you have a book coming. It won't do as well if you had a strategic plan in place to market the book at least six months before the pub date. Learn as much about marketing and branding as you can. Read Dan Poynter's books or my book, Synergy Energy. They're on Amazon.com.

If you need coaching in this area, don't be afraid to ask for help. Join a critique group too, like the American Christian Writers or join our Author PR 2.0 BootCamp. 

Client Paul D. Jones, author and Marvin Winans

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