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[ Inspirational Video] Winners Never Quit: Basic Training by George Adams Jr.

 The old saying, "Quitters never win," is not just a saying. It is a fact. Learn how to persist and you will reveal to yourself and the world that you are a winner.

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Many people give up too quickly. And it is for that very reason, they experience little success. Winning in life is not a matter of fate, chance or luck. 

Rather, it is the result of learning and living by specific principles, principles which are from time memorial, and just as true today as they were when they were first written and given to mankind by the Creator of the universe.

Each of these principles are in The Holy Bible. And even though many inspirational and motivational speakers may not want admit it publicly, it is a proven fact that Almighty God is the One Who instituted the principles which guarantee success, and a life of lasting value.

One of these principles is a major key to winning in life, and that is the principle of persistence, staying with a project or goal until you get what you are after. 

Sounds simple, right? And yet, this is where most people are defeated.

 The old saying, "Quitters never win," is not just a saying. It is a fact. Learn how to persist and you will reveal to yourself and the world that you are a winner.

How can we develop the ability to persist and persevere? 
Here are some things we can do:

1. Ensure that your goals are not opposing the Will of Almighty God, and that they will not bring harm to mankind. You cannot carry out a plan that is offensive to God or that hurts people, and experience true success. Your seeming, but temporary success will prove vain and short-lived. Evil will always catch up with the person involved in and deceived thereby.

2. Ensure that your goals are workable, and that you have placed the order of the steps you need to take to get to your goals in proper sequence. If your goals look too hard or impossible to carry out, it will over-whelm your mind and you will find excitement leaving and fatigue setting in. Your mind will get dis-interested and unfocused, because your plans are not set properly, or thought out well enough.

3. Realize that hard times and times of disappointment will come. That comes with the package. And to be honest with you, the hard places are where character is developed and brought to maturity. Difficult situations or people will either make the man or woman out of you that you need to be to handle the level of responsibility which comes with success, or will stop you dead in your tracks from pursuing your goals and dreams.

4. Keep the picture in front of you of your goal fulfilled or realized. Just keep imaging what your life can and will be like when you have reached your mark.

5. Seek the advise of informed persons who may be able to give you some wisdom. Make sure the person you ask for counsel is successful and speaking to you from his or her wealth of experience.

6. Pray. Remember that the Lord promised He will direct your path if you acknowledge Him. Yes, there is a God. Get acquainted with Him.

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