Thursday, August 23, 2012

How to Market (and grow) Your Ministry

  Digital Evangelism: Get Connected 

- and Let your line SHINE

Social Media Marketing, Internet Marketing, yes! Go ye into the world wide web!

The Internet is a tool for ministry.
The  Internet is a mission field.
The Internet is an effective way to reach people.

Listen to the podcast below on how to market and promote your ministry, your message, your platform.
A ministry’s communications efforts should be ongoing – successful online communication requires sustained effort, commitment & consistency over time.

Via email marketing and social media, Keep your brand in front of all members & prospects to keep them excited, encouraged, informed and your friend.

 An e-mail newsletter is a great way to show what your ministry has to offer, demonstrate your expertise, make you look established and professional, and keep your brand top of mind

 Note: Don’t spam, always get permission. Use something alike aweber

E-mail marketing can reinforce your other media efforts--or stand on its own--to draw in an audience.

 Click to listen to this podcast

Poem by Bishop Lyle Dukes from the book “Possessing the Kingdom Anointing”

 Procrastination is a thief that steals precious time. 
It robs your potential breeds slothfulness of mind.
 It cheats you out of experience that could lead to great success.
 It takes away your challenge to pass every test. 
Oh, how many people who should be anointed,
 powerful and great, but could not fulfill the call because they procrastinate.

 James 1:22 says, “But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only…” 

See too and join!

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