Tuesday, July 17, 2012

If you are an Aspiring Writer, Get to this Conference

Friday, September 28th 5-9 Just Write

No rules, no prompts - just write
This is a excellent way to:
  • Jump start a new project
  • Get some serious uninterrupted work done on a current project; or
  • Banish the dreaded writer's block!
Bring your lap top, iPad/tablet, paper and pen, chisel and stone...whatever your writing tools of choice and be prepared to WRITE with reckless abandon!
Can't be there the whole time Friday? No worries!
Come late or leave early if you have to. Just drop in and write however long you can within the allotted timeframe.

But wait, there's more!
Also includes impromptu 15 Minute Scribal Sprints writing competitions based solely on QUANTITY. You can polish it up later.  The winner will take home a dandy prize, a nifty certificate and recognition during Saturday's LiteraryThought Leaders Luncheon.

*Electrical outlets available; however you might want to bring your own UL approved heavy duty extension cord - just in case.

 Last year, they were attendees, this year Dara Nichole, Tammy L. Turner and Jesse Cole have brand new books and will be presenters at the APCWC!

Check out "Fourth Annual Anointed Pen Christian Writers Conference" http://anointedpen2012-estw.eventbrite.com/

Those that show up, GO UP!  

See www.PamPerryPR.com too and join www.ChocolatePagesNetwork.com FREE!

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