Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hosting an Event? Items to Include in the Promo Pieces before doing that "Eblast"

I highly recommend doing a "signature" event at least once a year to Brand yourself. 

I have friends that do this and have become "experts" and even "famous" doing these events.  Hajj Flemings does the Brand Camp. Dr. Stacia Pierce (pictured left) does the Women's Success Conference. And Venus Mason Theus does the Anointed Pen Conference.  

It's good to create an event. It cements your target audience and positions you as a "thought leader." 

However it take years of diligence. And a commitment to be consistent. Success does not happen over night!!!

When promoting your event, there are certain things you MUST to include in your marketing materials. Use the below list as a checklist.  Make sure nothing goes out without these items - nothing - not even a napkin!  (smile)

Whether you are doing flyers, postcards, eblasts, press releases, event-invites or Facebook events - you need to make sure you include the following items:

WHO: Host of the event 
WHAT: Name of the event
WHEN:  Date of the event (with the DAY of the week and the actual DATE)
WHERE: Location (with a map, cross streets and directions)
and always provide: phone number, website, email address and your social media identities

Finally, spell check, proof read and edit the piece! Triple check everything!!
Make sure names and numbers are correct.  Tip: Call the number and check it.

Now, this may seem very simple. But trust me, I have been around enough to see flyers, press releases or eblasts come to me with no event date or phone number or address.  (example below)

Don't do this:


Because the person doing the planning is too close to the event to really remember share all the details.   They assume everyone knows the name of the event or where they are located.  And really, they are too busy planning and doing a million other things - they make errors. 

So, it's best to have a check list and hand it off to someone to double-check your materials. 

See too and join!


Hosting companies said...
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The Dream Network said...

Great advice Pam, and so true. I'm planning my first event thanks for the reminders.


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