Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's TIME: 11-11-11 Debuting and THE CALL #believeDetroit

Friday, 11-11-11 

... people all over America are
gathering in stadiums to pray, fast
and hope in God for the next
generation, our cities and economic

As a person in the marketplace, our
"stadium," one of the greatest
platforms for good in our generation,
is social media.

One tweet, one Facebook post, can
make a difference.

That's why we're mobilizing 10,000
people in the marketplace to pray and
use social media as a force for good.

Consider what happened in New York,
154 years ago:

Churches were shrinking, thousands
were disillusioned with "organized

Then, a handful of business people
started praying.  Within a few
months, there was a great revival
with thousands and thousands of
people transformed across the nation.

Now imagine what could happen today
using social media... think of the
tens of thousands or hundreds of
thousands that could be encouraged...

Join us for a special telegathering
on Friday, November 11th at 11:11am
to 12 Noon Eastern time.

* why pray as a business person or

* 3 keys to hearing God
in your business and career;

* practical prayer for business and
professional breakthrough;

Share this with everyone you know...

See you Friday, 11/11/11 at 11:11am EST!

Please share this with everyone
you your social media circles!!!


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