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New PR Boot Camp Online: Go Get IT! The Swag of Social Media Marketing

It's time to CRUSH IT!
Look for the book coming in 2011!  PR Boot Camp


1. A picture is worth a thousand words. Face it, we live in a visual world. People judge who they will “friend” on Facebook based on their photos. So do a photo shoot. Do more than a head shot – get some personality shots. Brand yourself so that your brand is clear at first glance from a photo. You will get more editorial space and interview requests when people are attracted to your pictures. They’ll love the pictures before they read the text.

2. Hang out where reporters hang out. Online search Facebook and Twitter – but listen first before you pitch. Get a feel of their personality. “Like” and “Retweet” their comments. Be sincere though. If they have a blog, comment! Add value. Show interest in them before you talk about YOU. Then once you know them a little better, suggest stories and provide information to make their job easier.

3. Show up and be seen. Though we live in a world of social networking – nothing beats FACE TO FACE. Go to the large conferences in your field and ask the organizer where the “Press Room” is. Once you locate the media that is assigned to the conference, be helpful. Offer to take them to lunch or dinner. Have your press kit or book with you BUT don’t give it them unless you’re asked.

4. Recycle publicity. This is easy. You probably have already had some radio, print or TV interviews done on you in the past. So, pull them out and recycle them online. Take the radio interview and post it as a podcast on your blog. Take the TV interview DVD and post up a clip on Youtube. And if you’ve had print media hits, put them in your e-newsletter, blog or Facebook notes. Even though it’s old to you – it’ll be new to your online following. Don’t forget to have copies made of articles and mail them to your key prospects with a short “FYI” note.

5. Write a SEO Press Release once a month. Even if you just “refresh” your old press releases. You can also write up a Media Alert of some award you won, recognition you’ve received or new client you just nabbed. Submit some news via a media releases to the PR directories online once a month. This keeps your name out there and you never know when a reporter may do a Google check and find it. I would recommend if you’re a minority, if you’re in ministry and if you have the big bucks. (Oh, and recyle the SEO Press Release by putting it your enewsletter). CONTENT IS KING!

6. Write a letter to the editor (or producer). If you are a faithful follower of a particular magazine, say like Essence or Black Enterprise, read the story and then comment. Write a letter to the editor expressing your opinion about what you read. Reporters live off audience feedback. You’d be surprised how few people actually take the time to write a “letter to the editor” or comment on a talk show host’s program. Write the note to the reporter/producer and include the link to your blog and website. You may be used as a source for their next story or more! I’ve had clients who did this and had feature written up on them and eventually became a columnist for the publication. Another one got their own TV show. Connections count – so start making some!

7. Go local and snowball. Don’t forget your local cable stations, newspapers and chamber of commerce newsletters. A good strategy would be to call in to your local radio talk show (if that is your target audience) – and become known as a person who adds value by giving thoughtful comments and pertinent information. Getting local press notoriety snowballs (if you recycle it) and could lead to national coverage. Keep filling the Google pipelines!

8. Have fun. We are in the era of “DIY” PR so don’t fight – have fun with it. Become a Branding Superstar! Get a Tshirt made with your company or book logo on it and wear it! If you’re brave enough, do several videos in your new garb and post on Facebook and Youtube. Get other “buzz builder” items too at – it’s fast and easy. See if you’re bashful.

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Pam Perry, is a PR coach, social media strategist, chief visionary at Ministry Marketing Solutions Inc. in Farmington, Mich.
Visit her at and get her weekly podcasts on Blogtalkradio too!


Marta said...

Thanks for the information and I am all over this!

Pam Perry, PR Coach said...

Great! Let us know how we can help.

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