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Authors: Tips If You Really Want to Make Money with Public Speaking

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You must get people calling you to ask you to speak. This is where your BRAND is important. will help you!

How to Make Money Public Speaking & Become a Wealthy Public Speaker
Being a speaker opens a lot of money-making doors. There are a lot of income increasing opportunities and most of them are fairly easy to do. Some streams of income can even be set to earn passively. 

A career in public speaking can be very lucrative. There is no reason you cant become wealthy in this profession because success in public speaking naturally follows hard work and perseverance

There are many ways to earn money with public speaking. In this article, I will share to you a variety of ways to get rich with your ability to deliver a speech.

Get Paid for your Speaking Services

You may have to speak a few times for free but the goal is to get booked and get steady streams of testimonials, referrals, and income. Of course, the point for most public speakers is to get paid to speak, but an added benefit is that you get to help people with your message. With time other means of income will naturally branch out from your speaking skill.

As a speaker you must become a shameless marketer. You cannot get the bookings you desire if you just sit in your home waiting for things to happen. Your step to become a wealthy public speaker starts with your marketing skills.

Sell your knowledge. Make and Sell Speaker Products
Being public speaker means that you have an expertise over something. If you are getting your fair share of bookings, then chances are, you are already regarded as an authority on a particular subject. You can create products relevant to your topics and sell this to the public. Commonly these products are books, CD's, and other informative resources.

You can earn passively with this by making your sales online.
There are some instances that a product precedes the act of public speaking. Some people get into public speaking because of products they made or invented. This is a common scenario. These products go hand with your marketing efforts. Successful products create better public image thus getting booked more often.

Mentoring Programs
Speakers are highly regarded in their niche. No matter what the niche you are into, you will be perceived as an expert because you talk the talk and (hopefully) walk the walk. People will be wanting your personal services and that is for sure. So as a professional in the field, you can provide mentoring programs for individuals in need of your expert help.

You can provide consulting services and package deals for the market to avail. This can be a great source of easy income.

Website Memberships and Online Resources
You now have products and you also provide consultant services. You are a complete package of expert assistance to the community. The best way to sell your products and services is through the Internet.
In your speaking engagements, you can give incentives to the audience by giving them free online resources that are download-able in your site. It makes the people check out your site and they can potentially become a paying member. On your website, you can provide your products in digital form such as e-books and MP3's. You can also market and promote with your web presence.
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Speaking Fees
Again from the Walters Survey here are the average fees reported by working professional speakers for different kinds of speeches.

  • National Keynote $9148.00

  • Local Keynote $5493.00

  • National Breakout Session $4952.00

  • Local Breakout Session $2926.00

The Walters survey showed that the number of available speaking engagements is on the rise.Anyone can do this if they can get the right direction. 
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