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How to Make Social Networking Fun and Productive

BOOK BUZZ 2.0 Guest Blog by Tyora Moody

I've been working with authors for about ten years on the web and graphic design front. It's amazing to me how many authors seek me for design services right before or after their book has been released. The days of getting by without an online presence have clearly been over for several years now. Whether you are an author or a business person, you can't afford not to be web savvy.

Now I don't know too many authors who have a tremendous amount of free time to devote to marketing. Most of us don't live as hermits. Some may still work nine to five jobs. Even if you do have the opportunity to write full-time, I've noticed many authors supplement their income by providing services like editing, teaching or design work. Plus there are even more important priorities such as taking care of your family. You also may have obligations to church or volunteer work. Managing your time is essential.

Whether you are a published author or an aspiring writer ( let's pretend the ink is dry on your contract) and you have received word of your book release date. In nine months, your baby is going to be placed on bookshelves nationwide. Should you sit around and daydream about your bestseller? Not! Now is the time to get down to business to increase your odds of selling your book well in the marketplace.

What Can I Do for Free?

What can I do for free? Well, there’s a ton of stuff you can do online, but I’m going to recommend the easiest and that’s social networking. The key word is TIME.

You are probably already familiar with several types of social networks. You can easily sign-up for a ton of social networks and never really use them effectively.

My recommendation. Choose five and spend quality time within each social network. This may mean spending one hour five days a week or spending a Sunday afternoon. However you can fit it into your schedule -- make time.

That means don’t just drop into say, “Hey, I have a book coming out. Buy it now!” Most people might call that spam. Find at least two networks you are most comfortable with and spent time developing relationships. Share your experiences with people you may never meet in person, but who may read your book. These are your potential INFUENCERS. Remember the number one form of advertisement of all time (and it’s free) is word of mouth.

I hope have given you some food for thought as you put together your book marketing plan. Take advantage of the huge opportunities online, but be sure to do it efficiently and most of all have fun.


Tyora Moody is the owner of Tywebbin Creations is also a social network enthusiast. You can find her online at two of her favorite networks, Facebook and Twitter.

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