Saturday, November 15, 2008

Online PR 101 and get free MP3 from Pam Perry on "What Every Author Should Know"

I get calls and emails all the time from Christian authors who "want to get out there."

Though I appreciate their zeal, I want to really get them in gear for what "real PR" looks like. It's not automatic that 10 million people will be knowing your name and Oprah is calling you. You have to know a few things about PR, branding, social networking and book marketing - that's why I'm doing this blog.

So, watch this video and go to and get the free tip sheet on "How to Become a Best Seller" in the Christian market and also request the free MP3 on "What Every Author Should Know"that I did with the help of Bob Ivory of Ivory Coast Media.

I'm just trying to help those who are the carriers of God's Word - the scribes who want to market the message to the masses. It's my mission and my passion. And read the blogs of my friends on my blogroll too!

Let's do it with excellence, OK? Study to show yourself approved.

Hope this helps. God bless!

Make sure you see and join the new social network for Christan Authors at too!

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