Saturday, April 12, 2008

Secret Sex Wars - What is going on with our brothers?

"No sin is secret before GOD"

Brothers, we are all under attack. When you turn on a TV, look at a magazine, go to your favorite sports site on the Internet, or check your email, the enemy is there launching an assault to seduce your flesh. Secret Sex Wars will help you fight back and win your battle for purity.

It outlines clear biblical strategies you can employ to counter the barrage of sexual temptation that is thrown at you everyday and all day. It sets forth a simple premise for men who want to live a life of sexual purity. God can help you win your battles! Built upon this premise, the contributors call the reader to find hope for overcoming sexual temptation by being transparent before God and following the principles for sexual purity given in the Bible.

The result is an empowering book that raises a biblical battle cry for men to take a stand for sexual purity.

Get and read this book and share it with your brothers. It’s well past the time that we stop passively yielding to sexual sins and start aggressively following God’s battle plans to overcome them. - due out May 2008


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