Thursday, December 02, 2004

Christian Books in the African American Market

The Ministry Marketing Solutions AACM (American African Christian Market) best sellers:
1. The Walk at Work by Andria Hall (
2. Longing For Daddy by Monique Robinson (
3. It's Not About You by Rebecca Osaigbovo (
4. Things My Mama Told by Olga Samples Davis (
5. It All Starts at Home by Dr. Larry Davis (
6. Passion for Kingdom Purpose by Dr. Sir Walter Mack (
7. 40 Days to a Life of G.O.L.D. by Ed Gray (
8. Sapphires and Other Precious Gems by Terri McFaddin (
9. Enjoy Life by Stacia Pierce (
10. Give it to me Straight by Lyle Dukes (


Dee said...

Good news. When you will you post an update?

pamperry said...

Hi dee....I will need you to blog something. What can you share with fellow Christian Book lovers?

pamperry said...

Updated. :)


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